What is this read-a-thon about?

Are you familiar with the situation when you've set a goal/challenge and you sit in the begining of December with loads of books left to complete it?
Well that's we are here for. We created this read-a-thon to help you, support you in your way to achieve these goals.

When does the event take place?

It starts 12:01 am on the 22th of December and it lasts until the very end of the year, so midnight of New Years Eve whichever timezone you are in.

Where and how can I apply?

You can find the application form here. The way is easy: You type in your name and your sign in post (it can be wherever you want. Either on your blog or whichever social network you use).

Where can I post my TBR and my daily updates?

On Twitter or Instagram under the hashtags #goalhunterTBR #goalhunterdaily. You can link your blog post there too.

Are there any challenges?

Yes, there are daily challenges you can find here. You can prove you did the challenges that you post a picture of it either on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag of the day that will be posted with the challenge of the day every morning ( 7 am CET).

Are there any giveaways?

Yes, there's a giveaway, where you can win personalized bookmarks. It can be found here.

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